Established by: Prague 10 Town Hall
Implementation: 2013

Volumetric study of reconstruction and extension:

Prague 10 Town Hall: The new extension represents a fitting addition to the original distinctive Art Nouveau building of 1909. The main entrance is via a pergola-formed courtyard with a deciduous tree. The pergola creates a link between the existing building and the extension.

The proposed design reflects the fact that the existing school building is a distinctive Art Nouveau structure dating from 1909, which has an impact on the design of the extension. Oriented towards the Strašnická underground station, tram and bus stops, the main western façade faces the adjacent park and allows for a natural main axis of entry to the proposed town hall. The main entrance is planned via the pergola, the shape and material of which merge seamlessly with the new extension. The pergola links the Art Nouveau building with the proposed extension, creating a courtyard with benches and the deciduous tree. The pergola will feature large-size, illuminated signs reading ‘RADNICE PRAHA 10’ (PRAGUE 10 TOWN HALL).

Prague 10 Town Hall: The proposed town hall extension incorporates serenely shaped glass prisms with distinctive horizontal articulation at the floor level. The glass prisms reinforce the building’s administrative function and provide an addition to the Art Nouveau building. The south-facing façade will be fitted with sun breakers. The south-eastern corner of the extension is designed to have a notional tower, with its height reflecting the shape of the Art Nouveau building roofs. The top of the tower will house a bell or carillon. The entrance to/exit from the underground parking garage is located under the corner tower, which connects to the newly built roundabout. On the northern façade, the ground floor is recessed into the building to provide entrance to shops as well as post office and police premises.

The park will be landscaped to ensure that access to the town hall respects the existing monument within the park. The coniferous tree will remain in place and become a Christmas tree. Landscaping works will further include clearing of wild vegetation, cultivating planted greenery and removing the fence. A restaurant terrace will be built next to the western façade, featuring a fountain, the sound of which will reduce the traffic noise.

The construction of a social hall within the BARRICADER’S HOUSE is planned in the northern part of the site to complete the town hall extension in Mrštíkova Street. The façade and the roof will be made of wooden profiles embracing the entire building. The gables will be fully glazed to bring light in during the day and illuminate the surroundings during social events, radiating life and energy.